Saturday, December 22, 2012

The joys of winter

 Perhaps it is due to the stark realization that soon, very soon, we will all be dead, but I do not ice fish these days. Oh, I might be persuaded if some chum of mine picked me up at curbside with a step-side truck full of ice fishing techno-goodies... sonar, power auger, insulated bait buckets, quick-flip ice shelter, snow machine, hibachi, marinaded short ribs, and a bottle of bourbon. On the other hand, I may as well wish to hit the powerball, or for the sasquatch to invite me and my video-camera over to witness the birth of triplets. Such things do not occur.

 I do try to get a bit of tackle organization done this time of year, and that can be a blessing indeed. I try to stay organized, I really do, but I may as well try to ovulate for all the good it does me. It is for me a mighty accomplishment if I manage to keep track of my ass, let alone my shaky heads, or remember when I need to be off the water before the rangers pop me with a citation.

     I dredge through the accumulated detritus in the winter months, and if I am lucky, very lucky, I get to go out and grow ice in my beard in a valiant –but often ultimately futile– effort to ensnare some unsuspecting salmonids in my temporary embrace. No matter that the blessed creatures are nearly in a state of suspended animation... I will not be denied!

     Except I all too often am. I can tolerate the "skunk" when I am throwing big rubber trout in the hope that at least one twenty inch largemouth in the course of an outing will screw up the courage to dance. That I can take. But the idea that a pod of tailwater trout will deny me the pleasure of pricking their lip with a cunningly dressed splinter of steel, well, I can not abide that notion in any way that approximates good grace. It is an affront.

     Then again, who gives a good goddamn if I manage to pierce fish flesh with my efforts?

     Surely, I least of all...

Man, what a looker. 


When trout ninja attacks.


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Industrial Society and its future

     I have been staying busy, what with the impending apocalypse and all. Preparations for the end times are no small task, and I do tend to get carried away. But as the days left till the end of 2012 tick by, I can't help but have second thoughts. I mean, the world has ended so many times in the last decade. Still, there must come an end of the end of the world. After the Mayans are laid to rest as the final millennial scourge, what do we have to look forward to?

     More of the same I hope. Things are actually not so bad. Honestly, they are not. Despite what you have been told, things are as good now as they have ever been, better in fact. And they keep getting better. No, I am not saying that there are not issues. Guns are still not killing people. The climate is changing, for the worse. I am part of that. But we are at least able to disseminate information to far flung corners of our world. Hey, I am doing it right now! There is less disease, more compassion, less violence, and more overall harmony than at any point in our prior experience. Don't believe me? Look into it. You might surprise yourself.

     In an effort to avoid the crippling ennui of corporate employment, I have recently embarked on a change of path. I have been involved in the fishing tackle industry in various capacities in the past, but never as a manufacturer. I am not certain that I like the term "manufacturer" as it carries a lot of baggage, much of it unpleasant and counter to my way of thinking, but in the end I am forced to admit that when you make things repeatedly you are in essence manufacturing them, so I will deal with my reservations.

     I have started a company. I will for the foreseeable future be the sole agent of this company, responsible for all aspects of its activities. My aim is to... ahem... manufacture high quality fishing tackle aimed at enthusiasts and fishing nuts.

     The name of the company is TOADWERX. Stay tuned for further developments. I have several soft plastics in development, and will likely be doing balsa crankbaits and hard resin swimbaits in addition to geeky West Coast style rigs.

     Recently, several people have asked me to actually update this thing occasionally. While I make no promises to that end, I will at least confess my willingness to do so.  It might be to early to mention it, but I have also started drawing again, so some of that will be forthcoming. You have been warned.