Sunday, January 15, 2012

Some organization tricks

Here is my C&F midge box. I am making use of the 
wasted space on the back side of the micro-slit foam. 

How, you ask?

I got a chisel style blade for my Xacto knife...

And cut the back side of the foam. I can get a little 
more than one thousand midges in the box with the 
center page (not shown here) installed. This is the 
smallest size C&F box, mind you. 
Well, what are you waiting for?

Here is a nice way to store a few random jigs where you can 
get at them easy, without digging. It works well for spinnerbaits
and buzzbaits as well. 

Stretch bead-chain between sheetrock screws. You might 
want to re-enforce the loop in the bead chain that the screw
passes through into the door with thread or wire to prevent
catastrophic systems failure. 

Here is how you make the hangers. Start with a map-pin, and grab
it in your round nosed pliers. You do have round nosed pliers, don't 
you? If not, get you some. Them may be obtained at craft stores and bead shops.

The first bend ^

The second bend ^

The bait hangs thusly ^

And over the bead chain ^

This system also works nice on the underside of the 
lids in storage compartments in your boat. The commercial
systems available are very expensive by comparison, and work no better. 



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