Monday, November 21, 2011


     At one point or another, most of us have a good idea.

    Sometimes we are motivated to take action, but often we are not.

    Several years ago, a small piece of information fell into my lap. It seemed there was a confluence of factors, a convergence of variables... a relic of a past glacial epoch together in tandem with a misguided engineering technique... a gamble that an exotic benthic macro-invertebrate could lend its deliriously ravening surplus to the cause of growing some big goddamned trout. It did not happen as they planned, but... something happened. Magic is hard to control.

     I sat on it, and did not investigate it further. My bad. Procrastination is a theme in my life.

     Today, I got off my cognitive toadstool and went out to see what might be seen. An eighth of a mile and four hundred and fifty vertical feet later, I saw what there was to see. 

     The triumvirate of tailwaters has a little sister. 

     Really, I should have gone years ago.



  1. And really, what is there to be gained?


  2. nothing, just wasted time that we can't get back. But still it is hard to break from the mold. Great post

  3. Wow. Damn, Shaun...that's an epic score.

    You need to procrastinate more often.