Thursday, October 6, 2011

Makin' baits

You folks know by now that I like to build lures. I like to tie flies, I like to dig worms. I like to fish.

But this summer has been all about bass fishing and bass lure making for me. I am quite content when I am able to sit at my desk and saw, hack, whittle, carve, mask, trim, and paint some new thing or other. Most of the time they turn out to be ho-hum also ran's that while being on the whole adequate, are nothing special.

You may or may not recall a few months (eons?) back I posted a tutorial for building swimbait blanks. That project, while it showed potential, was shelved as I waited in vain to hear back from a gentleman in the great state of California. This fellow was to have applied his considerable talent to the finishwork of my bait blanks. Though I am not a complete amateur in the arts of painting, I though it best to leave that element of the construction to a qualified professional.

I sent him two of my baits.

That was this spring.

I have been unable to reach him since then.

I dislike this most keenly.

Therefore, I resolved to finish the baits that I had left at my disposal in the way that best suited my purposes. Lacking the skill to apply an acceptable photofinish (for the moment) I used my airbrush and my paintbrush to do the finishwork.

That was a week ago, and I could not be more pleased with the results. I made an initial bait for personal use, and sprayed it with sparr varnish, being thinner and more susceptible to damage than epoxy. Why would I desire such a property in a finish? I like baits that are scarred and damaged from usage. These are the proven items that I reach for time and again. The thin finish afforded by the varnish, appart from being fast and easy, provides just such an effect.

You folks remember these baits, right?

Here is one with paint!

Here is another. This one is going out into the world for beta-testing.

Here is an experiment (quite successful) with embossing a scale pattern.

And here is the proof. A rather large Denver largemouth bass, on my bait.

Hmmm... What will I call it?


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