Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Photo Essay

   I have avoided the Dream Stream this fall due to the incredible amounts of ass-hats that populate the river in the autumn of the year. The sight of every parking lot filled to capacity, trash lining the banks, dead and dying fish, and roving gangs of knuckle dragging mouth breathers sporting neopreme camo waders (two sizes too small,) mesh trucker hats, Ugly Sticks and blank expresionless stares, or the fancy pants thirtysomethings with "Orvis Endorsed Guide" stickers on their Land Rovers, smoking cigars and acting like they own the place, stomping up and down the bank, putting down a fish that you just managed to get set up on after a five or ten minute stalk, yeah, pretty much fuck that noise. I will go if and when the weather sucks.

   One the other hand, it is a little known and often overlooked fact that not every trout in Colorado lives in the South Platte river. There are several reservoirs in the state, and many of these have tributaries. Some of the reservoirs with tributaries are also inhabited by brown trout, and well, we won't know if we don't go, will we?

Fear the Jew-Fro


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  1. SLAM! Now that's what I'm talking about, right there!