Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hey Kids-

Hola amigos. Been a while since I last rapped at ya. No, I am not going to attempt to justify my love, but let it be known that Jim Anchower has nothing on me. I am a feral cat that moves in the night. I am the stealthy meter reader that knows when the dogs are napping. I am the repo man that puts the hooks on your '63 Impala without a second thought. I am that guy that puts that thing under the windsheild wiper of your car, and when you come out, you are all like "Goddamnit, I hate it when they do this!"

I am the Walrus, goo goo g'joob.

Appart from being a walrus, I am also a tackle building fool.

I love to concoct some stupid rig or other and go out and use it to stick some bass.

As such, I give you the "Ghetto Punch," a sad little concoction that I am sure will get you more and bigger bass, when the bass are in the grass. Hurray! Punch gear is stupid expensive, hook $1-3, 1 oz tungsten weight $7-14, a punch skirt like $4 from Paycheck Baits, plus whatever trailer you stick on there... we are talking $20+ in terminal! Horrid!

Build it yourself, save some money, buy more beer.

The Denny Brauer Flippin' hook by Mustad. Use a flat non-serated plier to 
mash down the little barbs on the shank by the eye...

Like so.

Put that darn hook in a vice, and start some thread. 

Get a piece of Singlestrand leader, and bend it like so...

Wrap that lil' piece o' leader onto the hook shank.

Like dis. 

Whip finish with yer Matarelli whip finisher. A cheaper device will 
gum up the whole works, use that Italian number, or else. 

Cover the thread with some sort of Cyanoacrylate...
(AKA Super Glue)

This is what you are looking for... The big gnarly barb will hold the plastic trailer IN PLACE, 
which is what the tiny puny factory barbs are supposed to do, but they never work, do they?

A "Florida" rig sinker, this one is by Bullet Weight. 
Get a big-assed sinker, you are fishing tha grass foo'. 

A silicone skirt, this one is a green pumpkin /black flake by Do-It molds...

Screw that weight into that skirt...

Secure with stainless steel wire found at Hobby Lobby type places...

Twist it tight, tighter, oh God, that's it, like that, oooohhhh....

Cut the wire off about a 1/4" from the skirt material and fold it back...

Now you can remove that useless little rubber band thingy...

And trim the skirt ends even.

Like so... do this with all jigs and spinnerbaits and the skirt 
will last ten times as long before getting frayed. Thanks War Eagle. 

In P-Line we trust... look closely, and you will see a mouse foetus in bug-balm...
What the hell is wrong with that?

Put a "bobber stop" on your line...


It will keep the lead/skirt from sliding around willie-nillie...

Tie on the hook you built at the start, and add the trailer of your choice. 
Here we are using a Reaction Innovations "Smallie Beaver" 
in "Green-pumpkin/Watermelon." 
Slide the bobber stop down the line. It will hold the sinker/skirt against the hook and trailer.

Dang that looks nice!

But does it catch fish?

Yep, it does. 


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