Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I yam what I yam...

Did you really think that I was a just another fly fisherman?

I sincerely hope that you did. 

Because if you assumed that all I did was fly fish, (by all means, go back and read my first post) then I can surprise you with my bait fishing exploits!

Yes, I fish with garden hackle. I kill a fish now and then. I have become older, fatter, and smarter in the last ten years.

You can not stop me now, no matter how hard you try! Muahahaha...

Face it, life is a lugubrious trudge to a finnish line that can at best be described as inconsequential.

The worst is yet to come children. Do not ever say that uncle Shaun did not warn you.

And yet...

We have the ability to direct our attention in this direction, or that, as our fancy moves us...

We can blatantly disregard the proper usage of the ellipsis(...)

We can thread a worm onto a piece of steel, secure in the knowledge that fish hate #20 Adams as much as they hate #2 baitholders.

That is my position, and I am sticking to it.

This is my buddy Oscar, with a big-assed five pound Colorado smallmouth. Notice the way I framed the shot. I snapped the picture from slightly below, used fill flash, and got the fish front and center. This is an awesome picture of an awesome fish. This is a BIG smallmouth folks, and it is shot in a manner that reflects it's true size and beauty. I wish more people would bother to get hip to fish photography. 
A true catch and release trophy such as this deserves nothing less. 
You da man Oscar. 

Some respectable smallies...

My new personal best, six pounds four ounces. This would have been my third state record sized smallmouth, but some punk eleven year old got a six pound eight ounce smallie here a while back on a minnow, and I am thus denied. I will get a seven pounder before it is all said and done.


I decided that this year I would catch a hybrid white bass/striped bass. They call these things "wipers" in Colorado, for reasons that I still do not quite comprehend. I call 'em hybrids, but I am from Texas. This was my first Colorado wiper, on the first day that I targeted them. It went thirteen pounds. 
I got it on four pound test. 

This was my second Colorado wiper, also on four pound test. It went fourteen pounds. This fish PEELED drag... I thought I was going to get spooled. 
I just want to give a shout out to the folks in the boat watching me land this one. 
Yeah, you know who you are.



  1. Awesome fish (and pictures)! I've heard about how big of a fight wipers put up (I too am puzzled by the name...but then again, I'm from Nebraska!)...

  2. Yeah, "wiper" just makes me think of toilet paper. As for the fight, it does make sense, they are descended from saltwater progenitors. I still think smallmouth are right there with them.

    I can't imagine how a fourteen pound smallmouth would fight. Plus, smallies get up and dance!

    Thanks for the nice words. All of my pictures are tripod shots, so I can't play with the perspective like I did in Oscar's picture. But I take two or three, and often get lucky with the results.



  3. Nicely done. Love me some smallies. Got into a few smallies this weekend and hoping to get the post out next week. Great stuff, man.