Saturday, March 5, 2011

Home made device...

Today I was able to complete a project that has been a thorn in my side.

I have for some time been engrossed in the quandary of how I might be able to apply an epoxy topcoat (Enviro-Tex Lite) to multiple air-brushed hardbaits simultaneously. I repurposed a bar-b-que rotisserie motor (low RPM) for use as a bait rotational device, and have used it for single baits for a couple of years. The issue is that it takes at least eight hours for the E-Tex to set, and that is a long time to wait for a single bait to dry. 

The obvious solution is to build a wheel to rotate more than one bait. The difficulty was in designing the device. I had to be able to hang multiple baits. I had to have the ability to keep baits of different sizes and weights firmly attached while the wheel rotated to allow the epoxy to set. I very much desired to keep the cost on the works low. 

I have been able to meet all these objectives. 

Whoopty frackin' doo.

I had to put something up nicer looking than plywood...
I finished this 1/8/2002 Untitled, colored pencil on Bristol Plate.
This is a print.

Full device, left 

Full device, right. On the center brace is a PVC bait blank 
that will eventually become a shad pattern seven inch swimbait.

Front on 

Showing the extension of the spring traction assembly

Rotational axis and bearing assembly hub detail

Slotted and center drilled door stop. Eye hook on bait is 
inserted into the slot and pegged in place with a nail that has 
been cut off to length and secured with a neodymium magnet

This device allows lateral movement in the traction
assembly to accommodate baits of different lengths.

Traction spring detail.

Detail of drive linkage. Cut off nail with magnet, as 
in bait coupling. Collar with set screw keeps tension
and allows alignment with motor and wheels.

Detail of linkage with magnet removed.

Motor and linkage.

Swimbait tutorial to follow.



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