Saturday, February 12, 2011

Something of myself.

Hey there kids!

Been a while since I rapped at ya. Actually got accosted at Discount Fishing Tackle by persons who shall remain nameless concerning my (apparently) disturbing lack of recent activity. I must admit that it "blew my mind" that anyone would care. So, having been thus suitably chastened, I resolved to rectify the issue with all due expediency.

Firstly, allow me to admit that I have just not been fishing. I have been diligently applying myself to my studies, or so I would have you believe, and have not much been in the mood to go out and freeze my scrotum in the hateful, icy grip of wintery death that we have enjoyed these last few weeks. I simply detest the cold.

In addition, I have been getting my $h!t together for a few shows coming up with Odam Fei Mud. We are fortunate to have the lovely young ladies of Denver Tiako providing their services on, well... tiako.

For those who are not acquainted with what the hell a taiko is, it is the traditional drum of Japan. So we have three big ass drums on stands with three small asian women banging hell from them in addition to the cacophony we create with bass, guitar and 80 gallon steel drums. Far out man! I gather that it is going to be filmed for later re-broadcast.

I recently acquired the bass amp of God, or should I say gods (Norse gods, specifically) an EBS Fafner. This thing is paint-peeling loud, AND it sounds awesome! Most of the time, you can either be loud, or have a good tone. This thing does both. Hail Odin!

I got a first prototype bluegill swimbait painted and topcoated. Just have to do the tail and it will be ready for water. I m stoked to bass fish at the moment, and I think I will not be doing a lot of fly fishing if it can be avoided. I say that every year.  o_0

and now, some pics to keep the young 'uns happy:

Above trout from a trip to Deckers a couple weeks ago. I got em
pretty good that day. 

Worlds best pizza
Yes, I made it, yes, it is gone now.
Mild Italian sausage, fresh romas, fresh basil, fresh mozzarella, 
feta, roasted red peppers, capers, oil cured black olives, assorted
wild mushrooms, and an alfredo sauce.  This was coma inducing.
I don't normally brag about my cooking, but this thing was legit folks.

Bluegill swimbait on the drying motor. Made the setup 
with a rotisserie motor and some oak. It works.

9" wakebait that I have yet to paint. Not sure how I
want to paint this one. I have a lot of trout patterns already.

This was at the Denver Museum of Natural History.
I loves me some fishes.

Until next time, enjoy your wild America.



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