Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Boy do I feel better... a day of fishing after a month off! *gasp!*

I went to Elevenmile Canyon today. I feel like such a champ! Just getting out has been a bit of an issue, with the holiday season and whatnot. I did go to Deckers a few days ago, but it was a short outing that found me searching for clean water downstream towards Trumbal. Mostly poking around with a little fishing thrown in. I saw five, fished to three, caught one... 33% success.

Today was better, I got up there early enough to have some real nice sunshine on the river. Following the sun is a good tactic in there in the winter, or at least I have convinced myself that it is. There were just a few midges coming off, slate dun size 22's. Pupae were a little bigger, say a 20. Also low numbers (thank God!) of itty bitty no-see-um midges, like a 38 or something. No fun to match, unless you are asian.

I had good luck with my latest fad, the ten foot four weight with a level taper running line and a level fourteen foot leader. Basically flicking cobwebs. Can be a pain, but the line does not spook fish. Hoorah!

I caught around ten fish, I was not counting. I lost at least twice as many as I brought to net due to my lethargic hookset. Also finned a couple, unfortunately. My bad. I did not fish to the notorious Elevenmile Canyon "boot-lickers" though there was ample opportunity to do so. Fish were caught on a small assortment of midges, all in the 22-26 range and dun or black.

Fish of the day.

spooky light... Middle Earth?

My best bug for the day and the real deal. 
No. 22 TMC 2488 with Coq-de-leon tail, Adams
superfine, and a UV sparkle Organza split wing, Ju-Ju style.
Not perfect by any means, but in the ballpark. The fish liked it.

There you have it. 




  1. Sounds like a good day. That Eleven Mile stretch can be a lot of fun! That 10 footer should help soften the hits in there.

  2. Quality! Good looking fish. December casts with sunshine are far and few between.