Friday, November 19, 2010

A year of many species

   Well I been real busy with the school an' whatnot, writing all pretty like for the profs, and no time have I had to post.


   But one thing I can say is that this year is probably the year I have caught the greatest number of individual species, if not highest number of fish overall. Highest number I am sure happened when I was a kid in Texas, and we would fish crappie and white bass. If you got into a school of whites and were greedy about it, you could sink a boat with fish. I do remember catching over four hundred crappie in one day at Sam Rayburn...

   In Colorado there just are not as many fish as some places, and getting into hundreds in a day does not happen much I guess. When I was  kid I would catch fish until someone drug me away, I was like a machine. These days I fish dark-to-dark and I ache all over. I still do it, and have come close to fainting on the walk back a few times. I carry water now, and power-bar type "food" because I just do not have it in me like I used to.

   One guy I know, he is almost as gung-ho as I am, he likes to carry a Coleman stove and cook soup. Now that is crazy. But he sure gets after it, even if he is a little "off..."

   So I am going to post some pics of a few fish I got this year. Some came deep jigging 125g cod jigs on conventional rigs, some came fly-lining (fishing no weight with a bait rig) an anchovy on six lb. test, come came on baitcasting gear, some on spinning gear. I don't have pictures of every species, so you will have to trust me on a few. Winter is setting in, and I do not think I am going to get any new species this year, my tiger muskie trips have not panned out. Looks like tailwater flyfishing from here on out.

   I also had a tug of war with an un-known beast of the deep over a giant Pacific octopus, and in the end all I got was two writhing arms, which of course I kept and ate. Wild.

   The List, in no particular order:

  1)   Corvina
  2)   Yellowfin croaker
  3)   White sucker
  4)   Starry flounder
  5)   Stingray
  6)   Thornback guitarfish
  7)   Smooth guitarfish
  8)   Dogfish
  9)   Leopard shark
10)   Walleye
11)   Yellow perch
12)   Black crappie
13)   Bluegill
14)   pumpkinseed
15)   Largemouth bass
16)   Smallmouth bass
17)   Grass carp
18)   Common carp
19)   Sockeye salmon
20)   Pink salmon
21)   Dolly varden
22)   Rainbow trout
23)   Brown trout
24)   Snake River cutthroat trout
25)   Cutt-bow (rainbow/cutthroat hybrid)
26)   Spotted bay bass
27)   Sculpin
28)   Surfperch
29)   Pacific halibut
30)   Pacific anchovy
31)   Bay anchovy
32)   Green-ling
33)   Brook trout
34)   Rudd
35)   Guadalupe bass

now some pics:

rainbow trout

Snake River cutt'

 Smallmouth bass

Trust me, it's not s golden shiner, it is a rudd.
I never caught one in Colorado, then several this year?

Pumpkinseed, on the 3wt.

Female bluegill, as above. My sister, niece and I 
had a very enjoyable fry. Keep a few panfish.

22lb. common, my best on 4lb. tippet. Could have
easily been a thirty if it was eating better!

Crazy, weird grass carp slammed my Lucky Craft
Pointer at the bank while I was fishing for smallmouth.
That don't happen much! This fish was a tank, and took
me for quite a ride. I thought I had a new PB smallie!

Good sized starry flounder I spotted in about ten feet of water.
(eagle eyes.) This is the belly, top side is mottled like sand. Got
it on a drop shot. If you don't drop shot you are missing the boat.

Oh, halibut, how do I love thee?
Let me count the ways.

Big ole sculpin. They can't pull, if they spine you you will
wish for death, and they won't stay off the line. 
But I like 'em anyway!

Yes. A fist-full of mollusk.

Well, the server won't let me add any more pics right now, more to follow!


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  1. You are my hero! I plan on doing a similar post in December to finish out the year but my list does not compare to yours. Dang saltwater fishing...should have thought about that.