Friday, November 26, 2010

This years crop of submissions to Rainy's.

Some fly patterns I have cooked up and have done well with. These are being submitted for consideration for contract patterns. Wish me luck!

This one is called a Wolverine. Has been deadly on 
freestones and lake run fish. Great summer into fall pattern.

A black Peacock Wolverine.

This is called a Double Shot. Twin tungsten beads, 
wire underbody, coated. This is a heavy little fly.

Black Peacock Double Shot.

My recently created stretch flex midge, no name as
yet. I think this color will be very good in Cheesman
canyon and Deckers; all those tiny net building caddis...

Yes, I did.
GoGo Dancer, anyone?

As above. I can't tell you how, not yet. 
But ain't she purty?

I wish the name "Trout Crack" was free, 'cause this 
one meets the criteria. Flashback B3, she does the job.



  1. Shaun,

    The two on the red hooks are KILLER, how do they fish. I have always like wolverine, they all have a chance

  2. The GoGo's are great as attractors. I wish I could find a stouter red hook, they would just kill in a lake...