Saturday, November 20, 2010

A year of many species: part two

Leopard shark. YES!!
six lb. test, custom 9 1/2' light surf rod I built on a 
St. Croix 9' 8wt Imperial blank.
This fish peeled drag.

Spotted bay bass, Mission Bay, San Diego.
You just have no clue how strong these bitty 
fish are.

Surf perch. These give birth to live young.

Yellow fin croaker.

Stingray. For good reasons I did not do the 
tripod shot with this one. These are great bait stealers.

Some sorta dogfish. Teeth looked like cauliflower.
I would guess it a shellfish specialist.

Pacific anchovy. I had such fun catching these seven
at a time on sabikis. Have you ever seen a prettier fish?

This fish scared me to death. I was wading, and at
first I thought it was a torpedo ray, an electric fish
that has been responsible for several human deaths.
Thornback guitarfish.

Friendly alien.

Hmm, I wonder...

What happened to that halibut?


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  1. I LOVE pictures of food. Great continuation of the report.

    The Aveage Joe Fisherman