Monday, November 8, 2010

Hidden in plain sight...

   Hey kids. Well, today I was up for a quickie, but did not want to head out to the boonies. So I checked up on a good pal of mine. This spot is right under the nose of MANY people, and they still can't smell it.

   Not that I am complaining about it, but I do get small private satisfaction from that fact!

   The water in question is subject to some severe fluctuation seasonally, and today was more proof of that fact. In the spring it rages, and in the fall it trickles... I have not been there since spring, because as the weather improves I rely less on this hidden gem and more on "good" water in the area. Also, with the drop in flow over the summer, and the very high water temperature, I am hesitant to engage the trout in a combat that could easily prove their undoing... we don't want that!

    I was somewhat concerned that the trout had fared badly in the course of the year, but I needn't have been. There were trout everywhere. I did have difficulty due to the fact that the very skinny clear water and dead calm conditions telegraphed my presence to the fish before I was in casting distance. I caught a few, little bitty browns, that I mostly just shook off without touching. I did see this fish in a riffle:

estimate this brown to be 21" in length. scooped its
nasty self out of the water for this pic. note the size
two Lamson Litespeed for comparative purposes.

I have hooked bigger fish than this in there, but they dive into rootballs and break me off every time. Browns and cutbanks go together like ham and grits. I fish my three or sometimes my four when I go, but the five might be a better idea! Seems like every trip I loose a pig that lives in a cave...

pretty standard fish for the spot. I love the subtle pattern
on this fish, it reminds me of the trout from the Caspian 
drainages in James Prosek's watercolors. 15" range.

another nice fish from the same spot. you get a couple
like this on almost every trip.

nice big redd in a corner slot. browns are on the move...

water low and slow. on the bottom left side of this 
image is the slot where the redd was. nice afternoon light.

Lake Ontario trib? nope, just a jewel, hidden in plain sight!



  1. I know your hidden jem, it will stay between me and you.

  2. Pretty fish and a nice looking little stream! Have you guys gotten snow already?

  3. yes, a bit. enough to be a portent of the pain and misery to follow... actually, I quite enjoy elements of the winter in Colorado, notably the fact that in the winter I need not "carry a rock to stand on"

    where are you located, Jim Colby?