Saturday, October 30, 2010


   I had a nice, long, funny post typed up, and was almost ready to put it up, and some glitch occurred of a sort that is reputed not to happen to Mac users. I always was the odd duck out.

   So I am sorry for all three of you who read this, but this post is going to suck, due to my basic lack of motivation to try and type up a new one. 

  My waders are "in hospital" as the Brits say, and I just do not feel like bothering the trout in Bear Creek again so soon. (Familiarity breeds contempt.) So I tied some bugs and voted. The former activity will no doubt prove to be of greater utility to the world than the latter. 

I submit the following for your approval.

Not bad for three sittings.

No. 20 TMC 2488 flash back PT.  
 I must admit this came out well.

No. 22 Daiichi 1110 PT'ish lil' nymph.
I would eat it, wouldn't you?

"Waylon, no ordinary dude" 

I was driving through Littlefield,TX on the return trip from seeing my grandparents this summer. I was listening to "Honkytonk Heros" from the album "WANTED: The Outlaws" and I looked up and saw this mural. It literally sent a chill down my spine. Turns out the gas station/liquor store it was painted on, a joint called "Waymore's" is owned by Waylon's brother. In the back of my head I did happen to know Waylon was from Littlefield, but it just took me by complete surprise. So I got to buy a bottle of Beam from Waylon's brother, and he took my picture with the mural. If that is not cool, I don't know what is.



  1. flies are looking great. PT nymph is coming around. Properly tied PT nymphs are a joy to look at. Waylon is on of my all time favorites!!

  2. I love me some Walon and some well tied Pheasant Tails. Looks like a good time. The flies look good.

  3. Nice flies and some killer fish, look forward to following along and learning a thing or two.