Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall Color

Got this buck brown on a 5mm Tangerine Trout Bead.
Close up
This fish ate a Faerie Circus, one of the sample ties I got from Rainy's at the Fly Tackle Retailer Show.
As above. Faerie Circus. Fishing in absolute darkness. What a hoot. 

Over all, the day was productive, if sometimes frustrating. There were quite a few people on the Dream Stream, and many have NO IDEA how to behave when in the presence of other anglers. I had one particularly annoying experience with a couple net draggers in cowboy hats. They walked up on top of a bluff opposite a VERY large (could eat any of the fish in the pictures above) buck brown I was working.  The long shadow they cast sent my fish dashing for cover... they then high-holed me. Wow. OK, I guess they must be new at this. When they started casting, and were worse than me, I had my suspicion confirmed. Poor bastards. The next guy up was having none of it, and gave them double barrels of rock salt when they climbed up his @$$. I gave the stalwart angler a hearty thumbs up for that one. I think we were on the same page with those guys.

I caught fish here and there, mostly by accident. The flows bumped mid day by 16 CFS and filled the water column with dead grass and tumbleweeds. Also gave it a nice Lipton look... between the crowds gathered at all "fishy" locations like a raiding party of Somali pirates, and the iffy water, it is a minor miracle I got anything at all. But I just chugged along, looking more than fishing, and if by chance i spied a fish, I would set up camp for a while. 

I caught a short, very thick rainbow missing half it's face. Blind in one eye, lips destroyed. Looked like the work of a gear head to me, why cant they figure out how to treat a fish? Barbs and treble hooks should be illegal on C&R waters, period. That is not the philosophy of a snob, it is the philosophy of a hardcore angler that likes to be able to take pictures of nice, healthy fish. 

The fish are in, and nasty weather would help the cause a ton. All this high sun indian summer crap has got the fish skittish and the crowds out in force.

But hey, beats a swift kick in the teeth.


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