Sunday, October 24, 2010

A couple of firsts

   Hey there all y'all out there in cyber-fly-fishing-blog-land, just thought I would share what I have done with the last several hours... I tied five dozen flies, which I think is a record for me, and cooked up a new midge pupae that looks to me like a real winner in the process! Yippie!

   I am big on weird things, done oddly, for the sake of strangeness. For example, I like to put ice in my cereal... no, just kidding. But Rainy Riding actually does do that, or so I have been told. I am just so pleased someone is doing that, and also that I didn't have to come up with it myself.

   A weird thing that I don't do anymore is drink soda. That fact, in and of itself is weird to some, but consider this: a single package of sugar, like the pack you would tear open and pour into iced-tea, is one gram. The label on a bottle of Coke (®, ©, ™) says 47g sugar... this means that if you drink this 12oz. bottle, it would be like drinking iced tea with forty seven packs of sugar. Now, I am from Texas, and we like to drink our tea plenty sweet down there, but I think if you did this one in a Lubby's, you might be asked to leave.

   Things are sure getting weird in the American political landscape, and I am sure those on both sides of the isle would agree with that assessment...

   Hunter S. Thompson said it best, "...when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro..."

   Oh, yeah, fishing... this pattern is a touch weird.

   So anyway, here is my pupae, no name yet, never fished it, it might suck... But I doubt it!

TMC 2488H #22, flex floss, Loon UV goop, markers.
absolutely, positively no thread whatsoever. Ha!
Take that John Barr.

You pro's out there might snicker, but five dozen is a 
LOT for me to crank out in a day. I want to do a crazy
crowded, over packed flat foam box like Dorsey's... it 
will take some time. One dozen #20 olive flashback B3's,
one dozen #22 "new midge pupae", one dozen # 22 brown 
thread B3's, one dozen #24 unnamed midges with a pearl 
flashabou abdomen over black thread and an organza wing, 
and one dozen same midge with a black flashabou abdomen.

This one is for Shaun Downey, apparently he got quite
a chuckle watching me chase this fish up and down the river.



  1. Five dozen bugs in a day at the bench is great out put! As to the midge pattern it will fish!
    Sally Hansen's or UV Knot Sense? The close up of your ties looks great!

  2. UV wader repair, actually. I need to get some of the fly-formulated stuff as I am given to understand that it is more durable.

  3. Niiiice! Hey, I've never tied two dozen in one sitting, let alone 5.

    I'd fish that pupae...will get back to you (offline) on the recipe for the red WD...

  4. Thanks for the dedication. It really was pure entertaimment watching u chase that fishy. Nice one by the way.

    The other Shaun

  5. Nice fish!!! Killer looking fly. 5dz in a day, good job

  6. Hi Where did you purchase white flex floss for your new pupa

  7. Honestly, I do not recall. I was working at Sportsman's Warehouse at the time, so I likely got it there, but don't hold me to that.

    If you live around here Charlie's Fly Box will prolly have it, if you are willing to fork over the duckets.

    If you absolutely can't find it, send me a SASE and I will send you some. One strand will do several pupae as it stretches a ton.


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