Sunday, October 10, 2010

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   Greetings citizens.

   I am pleased to present the first in what I hope will be a long line of insightful, inspiring, and illuminating accounts of life as an itinerant fishing and tying junkie. The use of the term "junkie" in this case is deliberate, and is in no way intended as a commentary on the habits of individuals afflicted with opioid addiction... I have nothing to add on that score that is in any sense useful or relevant. Bill Burroughs would likely have had nothing to say of any great utility concerning the black arts of fish deception.

   If it is not yet crystal clear, please allow me to explain a few things about me. I am a smart ass. Sorry. Also, I have a keenly developed, arcane, and perverse sense of humor. Again, I apologize, I know that humor and trout fishing have long been at odds... at least we ain't talking Atlantic Salmon. I would hate to be shot.

   Please allow me to say a few things that will hopefully establish me as a credible source of angling information. I have fished in tropical, temperate, and arctic marine and freshwater environments, with conventional, spinning, and fly tackle. I am somewhat knowledgeable concerning the use of bait, and have no compunction about pinning garden hackle to a hook if the situation demands. Fish hate getting hooked, and they do not care if the hook is concealed within a doughball or a size 20 Adams fished on fine gut tethered to a silk line on a vintage split cane sissy stick... they hate it. 100% cant stand it. So the idea of getting worked up over how anyone chooses to hook a fish is not something I will get sucked in to.

   That is not to say I am not conservation minded. Treble hooks and trout don't mix. Nor for that matter do trout and barbs. So I do get bent when I see a net dragger hucking #11 Rapalas with three gang hooks at any trout, in particular on waters that have catch and release restrictions. And I seldom fish anywhere that does not carry such restrictions.

   I dont kill many fish, but it is not written in stone that I will not keep a few here and there. I like to eat fish, and so do you.

   I have a strong bass and warmwater background. However, the last five years have seen me fishing the majority of the time with sissy wands, AKA fly gear. I also have, regrettably, begun to tie flies, something I will no doubt bang on about at great length. Rainy's has even been convinced to produce one of my patterns commercially, a trend I am not ashamed to say I hope continues.

   I am a horrible caster, and possess all the natural athletic grace of the lobster. Thus, I tend to do a lot of high stick nymphing. My eyes are very bad, so sight fishing would at first not appear to be a strength. But odd as it is, my brain is good at it. So sight fishing to visible trout, using short line tactics, with small flies, is my game of choice at the moment.

   I have always had a soft spot for big fish... who don't? So I hope it is not an issue, but I am going to talk about it.

   I am a creative person by nature, and am always tinkering with fly designs, lure designs, rigs, blah blah blah. Some of this will weasel it's way in.

   I might even draw a picture or two.

   Cheers, Shaun

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