Friday, October 15, 2010

3 WT's & #30's

   Today has been a long day... jury duty followed by an hour and twenty minutes of sitting in the lobby of a tire shop just to have my tires rotated. In for a penny, in for a pound. It is what I get for putting it off.

   When I got home I decided to get the heck out of Dodge. Well, at least Denver. I grabbed my three weight and headed for the nearby hills. I was going to partake of a bit of a lark I have been indulging lately. Fishing very small flies. VERY small flies... 

   Many of you are no doubt familiar with the Tiemco model 2488, and may be aware that it comes in sizes to thirty. Due to the unique geometry of the hook, it is possible to have a (moderately) fishable fly in that size. The fish love it, but it is a bit of a chore to keep them buttoned. One must exercise restraint with the hookset, and playing the fish is a very delicate procedure. It is great fun! 

   Most of the fish are not landed. You get a jump or two, and that is really all you need from a little fish anyway. I would not fish these things over anything better than 18 to 20 inches... it would not be fair to the fish, due to the excessive time involved in landing trout that size on whispy tippets and micro hooks. 

   But there is something satisfying about catching trout on those dumb little things. I cant quite put my finger on it, but it just makes the game somehow... different. You should try it. 

   I will also put in a plug for my buddy Carl Pennington here. He won't shut up about his CP Biot Emerger. I'm like most of you in that I would prefer to fish my own patterns, but guys like John Barr and Rim Chung make that a tough one. So does Carl! I finally tied up some of those emergers of his, and the trout would not quit munching the the damn thing. I went up to Evergreen and fished the Bear Creek for two or three hours, and boy did I whack 'em. The CP Emerger is a wonderful fly, and I will be stocking up. I have a feeling that it will compliment my B3 (Basic Baetis Bug) very well when fished as a tandem. Hats off to Carl.

   Of course,fishing Bear Creek, I got nothing large, but I guess it is relative. My three weight is a lovely seven foot two piece built by L.A. Garcia on a St. Croix avid blank featuring oversize single foot guides and an ultra-light reel seat with a jam ring instead of threads. It is a real peach, the lucky few who have an example of L.A.'s work in their arsenal know what I mean! Any fish on this stick feels solid.

                                                All fish pictured landed on 30's. Rainbows were well fed. 



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  1. I think we'd all like to see some of your size 30s. I only know a couple of guys who tie that small.